Forged email from

If you have received "mystery meat" email, spam, and/or attachments that appear to be coming from the domain, for goodness sake, don't open the attachments or respond to the emails.

For a period of time between late March and mid-April, 2005, someone was sending dictionary spam with forged return addresses of "<gibberish>". As of this writing (October 2006), based on undeliverable messages I see "returned" to me, it appears that someone is once again forging spam to make it appear to be from random addresses. Please rest assured that this spam does not originate from any user at the domain.

I'm sorry for any trouble or confusion you are experiencing as a result of these spam messages. They're not coming from here and, unfortunately, I have no way to stop them. If you have further concerns, you can contact me at <abuse> or <postmaster> at

Stephen Galliver
Austin, Texas

Page last updated October 2006